What is an Angel Card Reading?

Angel Card Reading

Angel card readings are a great way for you to get in touch with your angels. Often we feel that the angels overlook us and don’t hear our prayers (which is wrong), so getting an angel reading helps us get rid of our insecurity.

When we feel that we can’t reach the angels, it’s mostly when we need them most. That’s because we’re stressed and our minds are running away with us, telling us all kinds of garbage. When your mind is chasing off in every direction, you can’t focus, and you need to focus, be calm, and be present in the moment to communicate with the angels.

That’s where angel psychics comes to the rescue:

Angel Psychics are able to communicate with the angels on your behalf. They can use their psychic abilities to channel angel energy in their readings and be the connection between you and the angels that are around you.

And really, the angels don’t mind communicating with you through a psychic reader. Angels want to help you however they can, and if you’re going through a tough time, they will know better than you what it’s all about.

What are Angels?

Angels are divine spiritual beings of love and light that work with us to guide and protect us on our journey through this world. God, or The Divine, specifically created angels as messengers and protectors long before the creation of Man.

Unlike our spirit guides, angels have never been incarnated into this world, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know what our lives are all about. Angels are very refined beings that come from a spiritual plane way more advanced than the spiritual plane we all come from.

Angel Card Reading

We’re all born into this world with a pre-determined life-path that’s meant to teach us life lessonsAngels don’t need to do that because they’re way more developed spiritually than we are. That also means that they can understand anything we’re going through, and they respond to us with love, wisdom, and compassion, always.

But, angels respect our free will and know that our free will is one of the tools given to us to learn from along our journey through lifeThat’s why the angels will never interfere in our lives unless we invite them in.

And if you’re ready to invite the angels into your life, you really don’t have to go far to find them. We all have angels around us all the time. Yip, you got that right: we all have angels around us from the day we enter this world to the day we leave, and beyond that too!

We all have these beautiful beings of love and light around us who are connected to our soul’s journey through eternity, form one earthly life to the next. Look at it as an extension of your family: celestial beings who know you intimately and love you dearly.

Personally, I believe that the angels around us tend to come and go in our life depending on where we are on our life-path, but we’re are never without the company of angels. And when we need them, all we have to do is call, and they’re there.

Again, compare that to someone you’re really close to: you don’t live on top of each other, you never forget about each other, and if one of you is in need, the other is right there. That’s how angels are, just much more powerful, knowing, loving and caring.

Virtually every religion in the world speaks of the creation and existence of angels, and most religions refer to the archangels. Archangels are from the highest angelic realm, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t call on their love and energy when you need it.

The four best-known archangels are:

Angel Card Reading

Archangel Michael represents power, protection, faith, courage, and strength. He vibrates with the blue light and represents the element of fire.

Archangel Gabriel
 represents purity, harmony, and holiness. He vibrates the white light and represents the element of water.

Archangel Raphael
 represents healing and prosperity. He vibrates with the green light and represents the element of air.

Archangel Uriel
 represents wise service. He vibrates the red light and represents the element of earth.

But there are plenty of other archangles  that you can turn to. As with everything spiritual, if you’re particularly attracted to a certain archangel, that’s who to turn to when you need to. No angel, whether an archangel or regular angel, will ignore you because you apparently chose the wrong one or the wrong way. That stuff is silly and for people; angels aren’t bothered with doing things this way or that way. They care, no matter what.

What will an Angel Card Reading Tell me?

Angel Card Reading

If you look at angels as beings that have always been with you and always will be with you, there’s nothing that you can’t turn to an angel reading for. Angels understand you at an even deeper level that you understand yourself because they already understand your life-path and know your life-purpose.

The angels that are around you always have and always will support you, so you can ask them anything and turn to them at any time. Even if you’ve lost the plot, the angels will gently guide you back to what’s right for you. Angels don’t judge, and angels have no desire for retribution. They will never get angry with you or think that you’re being stupidIf you turn away from them, the angels will wait for you. If you come back, they’ll embrace you.

That’s how angels roll!

Once you acknowledge angels, you can turn to them at any time.

That means that you can have angel readings whenever you want one and that you can turn to the angels at any other time to ask for help or guidance. You can speak directly to the angels around you, and they will respond.

Angels often send us messages seeing as they can’t sit down and have a chat with us. I’ve often found feathers in a place where I’d not expect to find them just after I’ve reached out to the angels. I always know that feathers are a sign saying that I’ve been heard.

Angel Card Reading

Angels can also use things around us to warn us, guide us or help us out. When you reach out to the angels, keep your eyes open for signs.

So what types of signs do the angels use?

Anything that you’ll recognize, to be honest. Angels genuinely want to communicate with you. After you’ve reached out to the angels or had an angel reading, stay calm and focused and make sure that you don’t allow your mind to become cluttered by worry and negative thinking.

Angels regularly use words or numbers to get your attention. If you keep seeing the same words or numbers in your dreams or around you that could be a message. Look to numerology for the meaning of different numbers.

Or maybe you keep hearing a certain song: read through the words of the song to see if the angels are telling you something. And then there are recurring dreams: if you’re not sure what a dream means, turn to dream analysis to find out what the angels are telling you.

How can I Guarantee an Accurate Angel Reading?

Go to our verified psychic site keen.com

Angel Card Reading

If you want a guarantee that your angel reading will be accurate, you can’t go wrong by going online. These sites have genuine angel psychics who can help you communicate with the angels around you, no matter what you want to know.

All psychic reading sites profile their readers, so you can read all about the different angel psychics before you make a choice. It’s very important that you feel comfortable with an angel psychic before you have a reading, and that’s why going online is best. You get to know about the angel psychic before you actually speak to them.

Some angel psychics communicate directly with the angels, while others use divination tools like angel cards, crystals, numerology or astrology