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AskNow Psychics Complete SCAM Confirmed! Avoid!

*Update January 2019* Ask Now is a SCAM psychic company who threaten partners with non-payment. As a customer, you should be aware of their shady practices and the Guild recommends you STOP seeing psychics at Ask psychic readings.

What are the questions rattling around in the back of your mind?

What are the problems that feel like they’ll never get solved?

The obstacles you keep coming up against and don’t know why?

These are the times when seeking out a psychic reading is a great way to find some clarity and direction. But when you’re vulnerable, it can also leave you susceptible to a scam!

So we wanted to look at one of the largest online sites online for psychic readings, AskNow, and see if they’re a reputable site? Or just another psychic scam?To find out the answers, you have to AskNow!

  1. VISIT ASK NOW. GO TO OUR RECOMMENDED cheap psychic readings

2. Sign up and select your psychic advisor

3. Enjoy 3 FREE MINUTES and a 50% discount.

4. Receive your reading via phone or chat, and get answers today!

Can I trust AskNow Psychics? NO, YOU CAN’T.

AskNow stands out in the online psychic marketplace because they’re a rip-off, scam company with psychics who will charge you $30 per minute!

Yes, there are some psychic lines out there who hire who knows who to answer your call! They trust that the people applying are legitimate psychics, but that can often leave them open to scams.

When you get a reading with an AskNow psychic, you KNOW that you are speaking with a phony psychic who will spout generic rubbish and give NO clarity or time frames. Oh, and they spam you 5 times a day with FAKE emails.

  • AskNow has been in business since 2004 and has shady employees and call centers.
  • They accept any rogue psychic who applies to be advisors to the AskNow network
  • The Psychic Managers at AskNow cannot manage call centers with any substantial volume.
  • They are interviewed, their skills and accuracy are tested, they have background checks and are tested on their commitment to providing the best customer experience possible.
  • Many of the Master Psychics at AskNow have been phonies for almost their entire lives
  • They’ve been thoroughly tested and have a wealth of experience through the network, with thousands of positive reviews to prove it
  • You can call their customer care staff to ask questions about your AskNow psychic or get help finding the right one for you!
  • They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! But don’t believe a word of it.
  • The customer service can connect you with a new advisor who may be a better fit for your needs
  • They have lots of specials for new customers, with rates as extortionate as $30 per minute
  • They offer free bonus minutes with an introductory package!

We are told that each AskNow psychic is thoroughly screened before they’re able to become an advisor, ensuring they have some of the best psychic readings available online. Please, however, do your research, because as we have now done ours, we have discovered that the majority of these will NOT provide you with the best online psychic experiences.

AskNow Psychics stand out in their accuracy and abilities, so we are sure you can trust them. A lot of the AskNow psychics, however, are definitely a scam!

Don’t get a Psychic Reading at AskNow

That said, there are some things you can do on your end to ensure you have a great reading with your AskNow psychic.

Whether you want to chat via phone or text, you want to make sure you prepare a bit. This will help ensure you get a more accurate psychic reading!

Our conclusion- Is AskNow legit or a scam?

Knowing that AskNow is NOT rigorous with their testing of each psychic, they have so many psychics to choose from that they cannot possibly be genuine; in short, AskNow is a not the place to receive a genuine psychic reading. Please visit, Keen,Kasamba or psychic source for a top-rated, professional reading.

If you’re looking for accuracy and answers to the questions you have around love and relationships, career and money or your goals and purpose, the psychics at AskNow have the skills and experience to help!

Look for truly gifted psychics elsewhere, other than AskNow. They will provide in-depth answers to any questions you have in life!

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