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Is Easy Psychics A Good Psychic Hotline?

One of the best things about Easy psychics is that their service is pretty much worldwide, which means that if you can speak English, you can enjoy a reading no matter where you are.  They also offer an extremely competitive introductory offer which is a ten minute reading for only £1 (or it’s currency equivalent, i.e. $1 in the USA).

Furthermore, Easy psychics also clearly outline and share with their customers a fair and professional code of ethics to be used by all of their psychic readers, and it’s very easy to access their psychics too.  

At first glance, it appears to be a professional and easy-to-use psychic site, with a fantastic introductory offer!

Keep on reading to find out all of the intricate details about Easy psychics, or if their generous deal already tempts you – here’s how to get a reading from them now in four easy steps.  

Can I Trust Easy Psychics?

Easy Psychics are well worth exploring, their site appears to be professional, and they have all of the standard types of policies in place that is expected from a psychic hotline.  While there are a couple of holes in their offering (detailed below) the generous introductory offer alone reduces all of the risk involved with using a psychic hotline.

Ten minutes is plenty of time to find out whether you are connecting with a good psychic and since their introductory offer is only £1 for ten minutes, you are not going to lose anything by giving them a trial.  

They also do have an industry standard refund guarantee, which is outlined below and covers all the standard requirements you’d expect from a professional site.  

We say that Easy Psychics is trustworthy, regarding their policies, professionalism, and code of ethics, which are really very important factors.  What is a little more difficult to ascertain is whether you will enjoy the psychic that you choose – we explain why below, but it’s important to remember that the 10 minutes for £1 will likely counter any ‘holes’ we have uncovered.  

Why Do I Have To Register My Card Details Before I Can Get Any Offers

Some people think that the fact that most psychic hotlines ask for their card details to be registered a red flag, but it’s not.  Most sites offer a discount or free reading for new customers to draw them to the site. But they have to find a way to make sure that they don’t keep giving out free readings to the same people over and over again.  

Sites such as Easy Psychics usually have a policy that states that the free (or discounted) offers are only valid for one reading per card registered.  This is why they make these requests.

What Types Of Readings Can I Get From Easy Psychics?

It’s a little bit more challenging to spot the options for the different readings, or to find the search function on Easy Psychics –  they don’t have a category section or a search function. But they do provide information on each psychics reading style which you can access by hovering your mouse over the image of each psychic.

You can expect to find all of the standard variety of readings on Easy Psychics from psychic and spiritual readings to astrology and numerology.  Although you are less likely to find spells, or the occult listed here, to find those, check out Kasamba or Oranum.

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