What is a fortune teller reading?

A fortune teller is someone who can foretell future events that are likely to happen in your life. In a reading, the fortune teller will use esoteric tools in order to gain deeper insights into your situation. You may be asked to choose an item either physically or through visualisation, so that your energy can be brought into the reading.

Esoteric tools vary from one fortune teller to another. and can include Tarot cards, runes, crystals, I Ching, numerology, astrology and more. All information that is channelled in online fortune telling (or any type of reading) comes from spirit energy. To understand spirit energy you may wish to compare it to your aura.

What types of fortune teller readings are there?

There are many types of fortune telling readings. Here are a few of the more popular ones:

  • Yes/No fortune telling

This is an ancient fortune teller technique, in which questions are asked that only have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. The fortune teller will then use some form of divination – such as the direction of swing of a pendulum – to learn from the spirits the answer to the question.

  • Quiz fortune telling

This method uses a series of ‘quiz’ questions that, to the layman, may not seem to have anything to do with the queries that are being presented. Questions may seem random, such as ‘have you seen a black cat in the past seven days?’. Once all questions have been answered, the fortune teller prediction will be based on the answers that you have given.

  • Chinese fortune telling

The occidental world has gained a great deal of wisdom from the Chinese over the centuries, and fortune telling is no different. There are several Chinese fortune telling methods, but by far the most popular is ‘bazi’. This is where a person reveals the hour, day, month and year of their birth. From these details, a bazi master can reveal much about that person’s destiny in life.

  • Other types of fortune telling

There are countless types of fortune telling, and some are regarded as being more successful and accurate than others. Popular fortune telling techniques include using the weather, numbers, tarot cards, reading a person’s moles, ouija boards, palm reading and skull measurements. If you are looking for an  accurate fortune telling reading, then you’re sure to find a method that works for you.

What fortune telling methods are there?

Popular methods that real fortune tellers use include:

  • Astromancy

Fortune telling by the position of the stars; a form of astrology.

  • Horary astrology

A prediction method that uses the time that a question was asked, and not the birthdate of the person whom it is being asked for.

  • Pendulum reading

Yes/No questions are asked and the answers are obtained by the manner in which the pendulum swings.

  • Spirit board reading

Also known as an ‘ouija’ (i.e. yes/no) board, a spirit board establishes direct communication with the spirits in order to ask them questions.

  • Tasseography

Divulging a person’s future by reading the pattern of tea leaves left at the bottom of a cup.

  • Cartomancy

Fortune telling using a pack of standard playing cards.

  • Tarot reading

Fortune telling using a pack of tarot cards, of which there are 78 by number.

  • Crystallomancy

Completing a fortune telling reading by way of looking into a crystal ball

  • Chiromancy

Used by a hand fortune teller – reading a person’s future by examining the lines on the palm of their hand

What can an online fortune teller do for you?

If you are experiencing issues in your life, be they related to your important relationships or worries regarding your job or well-being, then there’s little doubt a reading will help.

Millions of people throughout the centuries have used the talents of fortune tellers to help them clear difficult paths that they thought lay ahead of them. Consulting with an online fortune teller, for example, will not cost the earth, and you’re likely to feel significantly better and at peace as a result.

Are online readings as effective as face-to-face readings?

One of the best thing about online readings is that you can choose how to communicate with a fortune teller. Most sites offer phone, email, sms and text, and some also offer Skype or FaceTime readings which means you get face-to-face communication with your reader.

If you are concerned that online communication may be less effective, then don’t be. The way you communicate with your fortune teller does not affect the quality of the reading, and it’s really only about convenience for you. Once the fortune teller has tuned into your energy and they start to channel spirit energy through whatever esoteric tools they use, the reading takes place irrespective of how the information is communicated.

Another added advantage of online readings is that readers typically work for fortune telling websites and are therefore highly reviewed by other individuals.

All their feedback is available to be read, and their work is therefore scrutinised, meaning that if you pick from a reputable website, you should get a much more accurate reading than if you were to visit a fortune teller off the street.

Online readings are also an excellent choice for individuals who may not have the time to go out and look for a real life fortune teller, or who may be shy to open up to someone in person. Not only that,  speaking on the phone to an online fortune teller is not only more convenient, but is also typically a much cheaper alternative.