How Can a Pet Psychic Help?

All psychics have a heightened sense of perception. Actually, we all have extrasensory perception or ESP, but psychics have a greater ability than most of us to use their ESP. They use their ESP to identify information from Spirit energy. Animal psychics are no different. They access energy from your pet’s aura (which is your pet’s Spirit) and from Spirit energy that is present in a reading.

Animal psychics have an inborn love of all animals combined with their heightened sense of perception. Most animal psychics can communicate with all animals from a young age, even if they didn’t realise it at the time. Many people with this gift are known as pet communicators and choose careers that involve training and healing animals.

How does it work?

Getting a psychic reading for your pet works just the same as it works if you want a psychic reading for yourself. The best place to find an accurate animal psychic is from online psychic reading sites. Browse the psychic readers’ profiles and select a reader who resonates with you. Remember to check that that they list pet psychic readings on their profile.

Once you have found your reader, you must prepare beforehand for your pet’s reading. You must know exactly why you want to have the reading so that you can tell the animal psychic. There are many reasons why people want pet psychic readings, and these are some of them:

You think your pet is unhappy or ill
You know your pet is ill and you want it to recover
Your pet is lost, and you have no idea how to find it
You want to know what your pet is thinking
You want to know your pet’s dreams (yes, pets dream just like we do)
Your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, and you want to connect
And those aren’t the only questions that you can ask an animal psychic. Tell your truth. If the animal psychic knows what you want to know, they can focus better.

Animal psychics read pets remotely. That means that they don’t have to see your pet to be able to access its energy. Some animal psychics might ask for a photo of your pet, but others will be happy to work from a description. Once the reader knows a bit about your pet and what you need to know, they can meditate to pick up your pet’s energy.

You don’t have to find a cat psychic, a dog psychic or a lost pet psychic because animal psychics can access the energy of any household pet and even farm and wild animals.

What will a pet psychic tell me?

All animals have auras and chakras, just like we do, and this is where animal psychics do their work. Through accessing your pet’s energy, an animal psychic can do a body scan to look for pain, disease and discomfort, as well as emotional or mental distress.

So if you think that your pet might be ill, an animal psychic will be able to pinpoint the place where your pet is experiencing pain by scanning the energy coming from your pet’s aura. They can then advise you on what to do. A trip to the vet is obviously your first step, but many animal psychics will also recommend animal reiki or crystal healing to support the veterinary treatment to speed up recovery.

A lost pet will be even more distressed than you are! Just think of all the stress and anxiety your pet is experiencing when it’s lost. For your pet, you are its whole world, so it would seem as if the world has just come crashing down. That anxiety translates into energy, and an animal psychic will be able to pick that up. It’s very important to contact an animal psychic as soon as your pet goes missing because if you leave it for a while, the energy can begin to fade. Often because your pet begins to accept the gloom of losing you.

Maybe you got your pet from a rescue shelter, and you want to know more about its life before you came along. A pet psychic reading is great for this type of thing! An animal psychic will not only be able to tell you where your pet came from, but also what you need to do to help it settle in your home. Sometimes animals, like people, carry emotional baggage and an animal psychic will be able to tell you how to deal with that.

Many people grieve for their pets for a long time, and that’s fine. If you’re grieving for your pet, a pet psychic will be able to connect you with your beloved pet again. After any death, most people want to know if their loved one is happy, and an animal psychic will be able to reassure you. Sometimes a parted pet will remain unsettled on the other side until you can accept their passing and let go. An animal psychic will be able to guide you through your mourning process.

How can I guarantee an accurate pet psychic reading?

The best way to go is by word of mouth if you want an accurate pet psychic reading. This is where online psychic reading sites are really handy. No thumb sucking needed because they profile all their psychics and list all reviews given by past clients so that you can make an informed choice. Pet psychic readers from online psychic reading sites are screened before they are approved to join a site, so you know that you’re not linking up with a fake pet psychic.

Each reader has a comprehensive online profile, and all ratings and reviews are there for you to see. A psychic’s profile also details there area of specialisation so be sure that you choose a pet psychic reader.

Online is the way to go!

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