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Psychic Source Review – A scam, or the real deal?

Whether you’re struggling with a career or life purpose question, are wondering about your love or just need some help making a decision, a psychic can be one of the best places to reach out to get some objective advice, and connect with the messages from your higher guidance! We take a look at Psychic Source for you here.

But you have a lot of options online to go to if you’re seeking out a psychic source. How do you know which psychic sites you can trust, and which ones are a scam?

We do the work here to review the top sites to see which ones are legit!

Psychic Source was one of the first of the online psychic networks, so we wanted to see if they are the real deal? Or are they the ones who perpetuated all this psychic scam talk?

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How is Psychic Source different than other psychic networks?

Long held up to be one of the most reputable sites online for getting a psychic reading, Psychic Source is a network of professional psychics that has been serving clients for almost 29 years.

Believe it or not, there are many psychic networks who do NO testing of the psychic’s skills before they let them get on the line! This is how so many psychic scams can happen.

Psychic Source though has rigorous interviews and testing to weed out would be psychic scams.This ensures they only hire the most gifted psychics

This vetting process sets Psychic Source psychics apart from the rest. They pride themselves on having caring, knowledgeable psychic advisors that truly are there to help.

Other things that set them apart:

  • There are many different ways to connect with your psychic at Psychic Source- you can chat via phone, text or even live via video with select psychics!
  • Many of the advisors there have as many years of experience as Psychic Source has been in operation- over 29- some have been doing it even longer!
  • They have many different types of psychic readings offered by skilled advisors who are clairvoyant, empathic, can communicate with spirit guides and angels, read your past lives balance your aura  and much more than just a traditional tarot reading. Though they have those too!
  • They have a kindness initiative which gives back 1% of your purchase to your selected charity, their contribution on your behalf
  • They have an informative and inspiring blog written by some of the psychic advisors themselves, so you can get a sense of their insight and gifts before you even have a reading with them
  • At Psychic Source you control how much you spend are only charged for the time you talk to an advisor. No hidden fees. No surprises on your bill!
  • They have a special new customer offer that starts as low as $1 per minute!
  • They also have customer care available to help you 24/7. This is very different from most sites where it can hard to get a hold of anyone in charge if you have a problem!

So, is Psychic Source scam free?

We’ve come to the conclusion that Psychic Source has legitimate experts in their fields.

Through their rigorous testing of each psychic before they let them become part of the Psychic Source community, they really ensure that their site is scam free.

That’s probably why they’ve been in business for 29 years, and still have such a great reputation!

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