How does an Online Tarot Reading Work?

First and foremost, there’s no official tarot deck so the number of cards as well as the images on the cards can differ. Tarot readers will choose a deck that resonates with them. The Rider-Waite is the most popular and recognizable deck. It has 78 cards in total with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, divided into four suits (Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands). Most other decks are the same.

Let’s quickly run through a tarot deck so that you can understand better:

The Major Arcana always refer to important issues and life lessons, and the Minor Arcana fill in the detailsThe Court Cards (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) can refer to actual people in your life, or to you. They could be highlighting issues within yourself that you are aware or unaware of.

And then there are reversed cards:

When a card is drawn upside down in a reading, it is referred to as ‘reversed’. There’s a lot of debate around the implication of reversed cards, and I’m going to give you my take.

tarot reading

Drawing a reversed card is NOT doom and gloom! To me, when I do a tarot reading, I see it as meaning that the person could be holding back for some reason, that there could be delays, that the time is not yet right … things along those lines. Yes, it might not be that positive right now but given time and attention the situation can come right. Drawing reversed cards in a tarot reading is NOT an “OMG” moment!

The Tarot does not predict doom and gloom because The Tarot does not predict your future or tell your fortune.

Oh, and BTW, cards like Death, The Devil, and The Tower are not scary. The names of the cards and the images might sound and look scary, but they refer to life situations, NOT to actual death and destruction. Always remember that a real tarot reader won’t frighten you or leave you feeling upset after a tarot reading. Anyway, true death is in the hands of The Divine, not in the hands of regular people or The Tarot.

Okay back to the tarot card deck:

Each suite of cards has 11 cards ranging from an ace (which is one) to ten. The cards ace to ten, represent a progression starting with new beginnings and great potential (an ace) to a conclusion (ten), for better or worse.

Each suite also carries symbolism:

Cups: indirect but powerful emotions
Wands: drive and passions
Swords: powerful intellect to be used carefully
Pentacles: material matters (money, home, and health)
Tarot cards ace to ten mean:

  • Ace: new beginnings and potential
  • Two: choice, decision and/or balance
  • Three: the beginning of actual results
  • Four: stability and solid foundations
  • Five: unexpected change or challenges
  • Six: re-established stability and continuation
  • Seven: a brief rest to plan the next step
  • Eight: material stability, like money or assets
  • Nine: the last step before the conclusion of all the preceding cards
  • Ten: conclusion and the base for the next step or cycle

During tarot readings, only some of these cards will come up for you. Each reader has their own card spreads that they prefer, as well as spreads used for specific situations. A reader might choose a number of different spreads in tarot readings, or use only one. It all depends on your situation and the tarot reader’s style.

What’s a Spread?

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A spread in tarot readings is a system of laying tarot cards out to get specific information. Each reader has their own style, but let’s look at a few spreads:

  • Celtic Cross: provides insight into complex situations and your role
  • Creative Process: provides insight into projects and the processes
  • Cross & Triangle: insight into difficult situations (one of the most popular spreads)
  • Fourfold Vision: offers different ways of looking at a person, object or situation
  • Hagall: reveals your path of spiritual growth in a difficult situation
  • One Card: a quick take on anything; also used for daily guidance and meditation
  • Relationship: insight into the interaction between two people (romance or business)
  • Shadow Truth: insight into your attitudes and hidden feelings (when you can’t face-up)
  • Three Fates: insight into the progression of past, the present, and the future situations
  • Twisting Path: insight into the path ahead and choices you’ll have to make

These are only some of the tarot spreads that you can find, and many tarot readers devise their own spreads for different situations.

Now that you know the basics of a tarot reading you can see that there’s nothing suspect about the readings or readers at all. Real tarot readers can seriously help you and save you all those wasted hours of stress and worry.

Where Can I Get a FREE Online Tarot Reading?

We haven’t just listed the free stuff here, we’ve found you the best deals too (yes there is a difference!). After lots of research, analysis of fees and checking out all of the tarot sites around we found that there are two stand-out telephone psychic sites that offer the best deals by far who are both highly credible too.  


So without further ado, please allow us to introduce;

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Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is absolutely true!  You see, Keen offers a deal where they promote 10 MINUTES FOR $1.99 (which means that if your favorite reader charges $1.99 per minute then you get 9 MINUTES FREE!).

Here’s the thing though …

When you look at the readers on Keen you’ll see that the advisor rates differ hugely and this is where you can get a great deal.  You can choose a reader with a higher rate for those ten minutes and only pay $1.99!

For example, check out The Truth Messenger; a highly rated advisor on Keen whose fees are $9.66 per minute at the time of writing.  If you only had a ten minute reading with her (which is ample time for a strong message) THAT’S A FREE READING FOR $94!

And all you have to do to get this free reading is register with Keen, add funds of at least $1.99 (I’ve tested this and you can just add this tiny amount) and your free ten minutes will be activated.

Tip!  If you want to enjoy a longer reading but don’t want to pay $9.66 per minute just end the call with that reader after ten minutes and choose a different reader with a lower rate.  Which leads me on to the next reason why Keen offers such a great deal …

Keen Offers Some of The Best Deals on Tarot Readings Up to Twenty Minutes

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Twenty minutes is usually plenty of time to find out what you need to know, trust me, I know; I used to read for people!

Here’s how to grab this deal

It’s easy.  When you’ve finished your bargain call and enjoyed ten minutes for $1.99, choose a tarot reader with a fee of $1.99 per minute and stay on the phone with them for ten minutes.  

This means that you’ll pay $21.89 for twenty minutes but you’ve enjoyed ten of those minutes with a high-value, top-class psychic and saved $94!*

And if you don’t want to be faffing around switching advisors, just pick one for $1.99 per minute and stay on the line; you’ll still save $17.91.  Or keep on reading for the best deals on 30-minute readings and longer.


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Most people always associate the requirement for a small payment or credit card details before you can take a deal as a scam. But think about it, it’s not a scam, it’s a CONDITIONAL OFFER.

There’s a reason why big sites offer deals like this and it’s to get you to try their service in the hope that you’ll enjoy it and become a customer.  It’s not easy to get people to try things and make a small commitment these days.

The small payment, registration process, and card information are all usually to seek some kind of commitment from you before they give out such great deals randomly.  

And to reassure you further, the regulations that these sites have to adhere to are intense and there for your protection. Plus all tarot readers are verified before they represent the site.

More Reasons To Try Kasamba Out

  • One of the oldest, most reputable sites around.
  • Easy to use
  • Honeypot for the best tarot readers because of their deals and reputation.
  • They have a risk free guarantee to make sure you are happy with your reading. 

Our Favourite Keen Tarot Readers:

tarot reading Sister Yvonne

The Truth Messenger

The Truth Messenger is a seventh generation psychic who is particularly skilled in helping you to find out the secrets and mystery that surrounds you.  Whether that be from other people’s ill intentions, your competition, relationships or the secrets that you hold within you that are yet to be revealed.

Expect frank and honest discussions with The Truth Messenger, she’s focused on bringing you clarity without compromise.  You won’t waste your minutes hearing things that appease you with this reader you’ll get what you need. This means she’s a truthful soul who can really help you right now.